Marine Biology

11th Grade - 32 Weeks

Join us for an exciting adventure exploring marine wildlife and their habitats. Students will become acquainted with microscopic organisms that make life in the ocean possible, including details about their interesting habits and life cycles. Dissections of larger organisms include clams, starfish, and sharks. We will explore how these creatures and their physical surroundings form marine ecosystems such as intertidal zones, estuaries, coral reefs, continental shelf, epipelagic, and deep-ocean communities. This course focuses on how these subjects apply to Florida whenever possible. 

This is a high school science with lab class so there are many experiments which will need to be properly written up as instructed in the syllabus for a complete Marine Biology with Lab credit. This adventure is designed for students that have already completed first year Biology.

Required Textbooks:

(Textbooks are sold separately)

Apologia Exploring Creation with Marine Biology 1st Edition (Same cover as pictured)

Solutions and Test Manual 1st Edition

Priceless Florida by Ellie Whitney and Bruce Means (ISBN: 1561643084)

*Note: Priceless Florida is no longer being published as it has been split into three volumes.  If you are unable to obtain Priceless Florida, please purchase the following two volumes:

Florida's Waters by Ellie Whitney and D. Bruce Means & Anne Rudloe (ISBN 978156164-8689)

Florida's Wetlands by Ellie Whitney and D. Bruce Means and Anne Rudloe (ISBN 9781561646876)

How Does It Work?

Weekly Students

  • Step 1. Complete homework in textbook as indicated on syllabus

  • Step 2. Watch Online Classes

Make Science Fun

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  • Labs Included!

    Students watch labs, then completed Lab Write up to earn credit.

  • Grading Instructions

    Detailed grading instructions, examples, student test grading covered in online sessions.

  • Self Paced

    Available 24/7

1 year of streaming access

Courses are not permanently available. Each family must purchase course access. Siblings are encouraged to share during the 12 months of access.

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