Florida Science: An Environmental Science Adventure

10th - 12th Grade - 32 Week

This is a great environmental science study for students anywhere, while taking an adventure with us in the Sunshine State! This course will explore Florida animals, plants, flowers, trees, geography, geology, climate, weather, and is a good introduction to the science of ecology. Using the richly illustrated secular textbook Priceless Florida, this will be a great opportunity for the students to learn how to translate evolutionary interpretations into a Biblical worldview. Floridians will understand and appreciate their home state in a whole new way.

(Depending on the reading level of your student, approximately 1 hour of homework per day).

"Online Class Sessions" often exceed 1 hour, as this course is more in depth than any of the other "Florida Science" courses.

A list of suggested field trips is offered for your family to enhance your Sunshine State Science adventure! Online field trips and activities are assigned to further the student's experience (we recommend that parents accompany students with all internet activities).

Labs: Suggested labs and instructions for students to complete in order for the course to be credited as "High School Science with Lab". Labs are not performed in the "Online Class Sessions". For high school lab credit the student may choose to complete the suggested labs and must complete full lab write ups for the experiments, as specified on the lab syllabus as provided in the course.

Required Textbooks:
(Textbooks are sold separately)
Priceless Florida: Natural Ecosystems and Native Species (ISBN 9781561643080)
Florida Science Workbook written by Catie Frates (Download provided with the course)
Florida Waters by South Florida Water Management District (Download provided with course)
Additional Articles, Study guides, and Tests (Download provided with the course)

*Note: Priceless Florida is no longer being published as it has been split into three volumes.  If you are unable to obtain Priceless Florida, please purchase the following two volumes:

Florida's Waters by Ellie Whitney and D. Bruce Means & Anne Rudloe (ISBN 978156164-8689)

Florida's Wetlands by Ellie Whitney and D. Bruce Means and Anne Rudloe (ISBN 9781561646876)

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